Protection from Abuse

Protection from abuse litigation is swift and serious. Often times, an individual accused of abuse or harassment is confronted with a court order known as a temporary protection from abuse order, which is issued by the court without any prior notice. Such an order may require an individual to leave his or her own home, may result in the removal of one’s children or the confiscation of one’s legally purchased firearms, and it may place serious restrictions on an individual’s freedom of movement. Sometimes, protection from abuse orders are sought by malicious individuals with ulterior motives. Without an experienced and effective attorney the court may make a temporary protection from abuse order into a three-year permanent order without the existence of any real threat or history of violence.

On the flip side, a person sometimes feels trapped in an abusive relationship.  In that case, court intervention in the form of a protection from abuse order may be necessary. Often times, seeking a protection from abuse order is only the first step in a lengthy legal battle involving other aspects of family law and even criminal law.  Donoghue & Picker can help you build your protection from abuse case on solid factual and legal ground, which will serve to protect your credibility, personal safety, and other legal interests.